Website Building – Rank Through Linking Strategies

Website building is only the beginning when you want to run a successful online venture. Just as you would when you are building a business in the real brick-and-mortar world, establishing your niche online takes exceptional skills, constant monitoring and analysis, and continuous adjustments to suit the search engines as well as the changing trends.

Website building requires design, SEO, opt-in lists and so on. But it’s a good idea in website building and promotion to also consider linking strategies.

Linking Strategy – An Integral Part Of Website Building Plan

There are many ways to use to get your website ranked as high as possible on the search engine result pages (SERPs). One among the most important is your linking strategy. In this method, you create enough high-quality content that other sites would want to link to your site to complement their knowledge base. In this manner, they would indirectly give you their vote, which says they believe your website is qualitative and trustworthy.

Hence, making your website linking-worthy starts early in the website building strategy. You need to go beyond the description of benefits and features of your products/services. Doing only a listing of your products would not be too attractive for visitors who are not attracted to clinically commercial sites. Instead, pepper your site with in-depth researched articles, facts and up-to-date news that could be of interest to any visitor who stops by your page.

It is this focus on quality and diversity during the website building process that will serve you well in the long run. There is a lot of follow up action too, but the most important step is having a great website built in the first place.

Website Promotion Is A Continuous Process

Do not stop building links to your website. This is definitely one of the most important core website building and promotion functions. The more you have, the better ranked you will be. Remember, your competitors are building their links as well. Some of the best ways to keep the valuable links coming in are:

– Submission of articles to key directories such as Open Directory Project (, Yahoo Directory (, Business directory, directory, etc.

– List your site to (your business) specialized directories/trade sites. You should always enlist to the directories that cover your area of interest – for example, education directories, finance directories and so on. Always ask for a link – free or paid. This link will be very valuable for your site ranking on search engines.

Remember, website building does not stop with the publishing of the site; you need a continuous process of refinement and promotion if you want runaway success.

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