Hosting Service – How To Choose The Right

Different types of Hosting

There are lots of web hosting service available depending on your needs:

  • Shared Hosting: Is a hosting service where all files are stored on one physical server. And split amongst hundreds, or even thousands, of website owners. If someone uses up more than their allotted resources, your site is at risk for slow loading times. Even errors, and downtime.
  • Pros for this type of hosting: it is good for beginners, those with small sites, or those on a limited budget.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: all site files are stored on a virtual server and split amongst approximately 20 website owners. If someone uses up more than their allotted resources, they simply access more and your site remains unaffected.
  • Benefits: perfect for those with eCommerce websites. Websites that grow in the near future.
  • Cloud Hosting: much like VPS hosting, cloud hosting has seemingly endless resources. Rather than split resources and allot more as needed, a cloud server is one giant server that everyone feeds off.
  • Pros for this type of hosting: it is best for those who have highly trafficked websites that continually need more resources so they can continue to scale up.
  • Dedicated Hosting: you rent one physical server and store all of your site’s files on it, without having to worry about anyone else. You maintain control over the server’s hardware, and are in charge of fixing any issues that pop up.
  • It is a very expensive type of hosting. Only considered by those with large websites.


With all that said, WordPress hosting is a specialized hosting that caters to those using WordPress as their content management system (CMS). Most WordPress hosting companies offer one-click WordPress installations so getting your website up and running is a cinch.

In addition, you might receive additional benefits such as a server-side caching solution. Faster loading speeds, better security, and even WordPress staging sites if you choose a WordPress host for your website.


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